As business grow and become more complex they are often built around a patch work of systems that may work well for their specific function but these systems usually don’t scale well or communicate with other systems or the company as a whole. Over time limited access to random systems drags down a company’s potential. Our experience is that there is much greater power with a unified approach to handling company data. We design around the principal of enter once use everywhere. It sounds simple but rarely can a growing company take the time to focus on this unified approach.

The same goes for complex systems required to run a company like the General Ledger (GL) or Accounts Payable system (AP). These systems often require specific skills and training to access and modify their content. With the unified approach of BackOffice we can provide a simple web interface that allows any authorized user to enter data into a user friendly browser and BackOffice passes the data onto the GL or AP instantly. If you don’t feel comfortable with direct import of this data we can generate a web based report & notification available for review by your assigned GL/AP administrator. They can decision the data and with a push of a button automatically update the GL/AP.

This unified approach is very powerful when considering the totality of company data. Being able to manipulate sales, inventory, prospects, transactions, financing, CapX, commissions, budgeting data for any period of time and in any combination will be enlightening and invaluable to your asset managers and data crunchers. Quarterly company reporting becomes a snap when all this data is available in real time.