Paint The Web specializes in what we call Accountability Software. We create systems that drive business processes so that users and decision makers have the exact information they need to perform their required task in real time. Our structured Notification system is at the heart of these processes. Users are notified instantly when there are actions needing their attention. If the user fails to take the required action they are either reminded or their direct report is notified of the inaction. These Notifications provide either the exact information required for the user to take action or a link to a specific Report, Invoice, Prospect, CapX project or the like that allows the user to review and take action. Once an action is taken the next person in the responsibility chain is notified that there is a business function that needs their attention.

Through this Notification system or real time reports we have had clients tells us that processes that once took days, weeks or even months can be reduced to hours or minutes with BackOffice. With BackOffice every business process can be tracked in real time and the status of each process, asset or project can be detailed in reports with up to the second accuracy giving decision makers Fact Based data on which to act.